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SHOPPING SEASON: Christmas shopping can be stressful, but with a little planning and organisation you can have it done without the hassle right here in town.Advertising feature
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It’s no surprise that shopping during the festive season can be a daunting and stressful experience. Here are some tips that require minimal effort for maximum results.

Make a list

Write down everyone you plan to buy a present for, including smaller presentssuch as the office Kris Kringle. Don’t forget Christmas is an opportune time to also thank invaluable people such as school teachers. Include ideas of what to give each person, along with the amount you’re willing to spend.

Researchideas online

If you know what you want to give someone but are unsure of specifics, head online for price comparisons and to read reviews. If the thought of facingcrowds is too much to bear, try some internet shopping. Many online retailers guarantee delivery up to a few days before December 25.

Shop solo

If you do decide to hit the shops, make sure you go alone. You’re on a mission here – get in, get the job done, and get out. While shopping with someone else might seem like fun, it’ll end up taking twice as long and you run the risk of being influenced by their purchases and straying from your own list.

Buy less expensive gifts first

When you shell out for something expensive, your brain loses perspective on what’s a bargain and what’s overpriced. Once you’ve spent $400 on a game console, paying $10 instead of $5 for stocking fillers may no longer alarm you. Avoid this trap.

Set a time limit

During the festive season, Christmas tunes, staff offering samples, and the sensory overload in general, can make you lose sense of time. Combat this by making plans immediately after your shopping trip, so you have to leave at a specific time.

Consider DIY

If itall becomestoo much and you have a knack for all things crafty and creative, why not make some of your gifts. You could try your hand at making bath salts or festive treats, and present them in a beautiful glass jar adorned with ribbon. This is a good idea for those teachers, or elderly relatives who often don’t care for more stuff, but love the thought that’s put intosomething handmade.

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